Jaclyn & Michael Wedding

Jaclyn and Michael are such a sweet couple. Jaclyn was a stunning bride! We loved every moment of their special day.

They were married at Mt. Carmel Church in Youngstown. We then went to Stambaugh Auditorium for photos and the reception was at Mr. Anthony’s. Their reception decorations were so gorgeous! We absolutely loved their up-lighting too. It makes such a difference in the photos.

Congratulations again Jaclyn and Michael! j+m01 j+m02 j+m03 j+m04 j+m06 j+m07 j+m08 j+m09 j+m10 j+m11 j+m12 j+m13 j+m14 j+m15 j+m16 j+m18 j+m19 j+m20 j+m21 j+m22 j+m23 j+m24 j+m25 j+m26 j+m27 j+m28 j+m29 j+m30 j+m31 j+m32 j+m33 j+m34 j+m35 j+m36 j+m37 j+m38 j+m39 j+m40 j+m41 j+m43 j+m44 j+m45 j+m46 j+m47 j+m48 j+m49 j+m50 j+m52 j+m53 j+m54 j+m55 j+m56 j+m57 j+m58 j+m59 j+m60 j+m61 j+m63



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