Jen & Sean Engagement

We had a blast photographing Jen & Sean’s engagement session at The Cinderella Bridge and The Rose Gardens at Mill Creek Park. This was one of our first engagements during the spring, so we loved all of the flowers that were blooming at The Rose Gardens. We are so looking forward to their rustic themed wedding in a few weeks!

Hair and make-up by the amazing Jen Powell from Sin Pretty Beauty: rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0002 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0003 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0004 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0005 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0006 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0007 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0008 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0009 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0010 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0011 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0012 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0013 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0014 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0015 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0016 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0017 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0018 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0019 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0020 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0021 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0022 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0023 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0024 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0025 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0026 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0027 rose_gardens_jen_and_sean0028



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