Kim+Josh Engaged

We met Kim and Josh in 2011. They were actually our first clients to book into 2013. When I asked Kim at the session how her wedding plans were going I loved hearing that she was all done. As many of you know Josh and I are getting married next year. It was nice to meet a fellow bride who has the same mentality I do about trying to get everything booked and taken care of for the wedding as soon as possible so that we don’t have to be stressed out closer to wedding.

We photographed Kim and Josh at the Canfield Conservation Club where Kim’s father is a member. They told us that they spend a lot of time there hanging out and fishing, so we loved the location. The sun was in such a perfect spot, so it made the lighting ideal. Kim and Josh were hilarious and so fun to work with. Kim seemed like such a non fuss kind of girl. At one point there was a spider web on the swings and she just knocked it down like it was no big deal. We absolutely cannot wait for their wedding next year!



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