Michelle & Brian

We really enjoyed Michelle and Brian’s wedding day. Michelle is all about the details and she did such a great job with all of her details! Their reception ended earlier than most receptions, so afterwards we headed to Conneaut Lake where we got to get some more photos of Michelle and Brian with the sun setting behind them. Congratulations again Michelle and Brian!m+b01 m+b02 m+b03 m+b04 m+b05 m+b06 m+b07 m+b08 m+b09 m+b10 m+b11 m+b12 m+b13 m+b14 m+b15 m+b16 m+b17 m+b18 m+b19 m+b20 m+b21 m+b22 m+b23 m+b24 m+b25 m+b26 m+b27 m+b28 m+b29 m+b30 m+b31 m+b32 m+b33 m+b34 m+b35 m+b36 m+b37 m+b38 m+b39 m+b40 m+b41 m+b42 m+b43 m+b44 m+b45 m+b46 m+b47 m+b48 m+b49 m+b50 m+b51 m+b52 m+b53 m+b54 m+b55 m+b56 m+b57 m+b58 m+b59 m+b60 m+b61 m+b62



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