Samantha+Matthew Wedding

Have we mentioned that we have the best job in the world? Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but this wedding was so much fun. Samantha and Matthew were so nice to us. We really felt welcomed. We absolutely loved their theme and decorations! We fell in love with their location too. We do too many weddings at banquet halls and it was so refreshing to be outdoors on such a nice day. One of our favorite moments was when they came back down the aisle after the ceremony and their friends and family threw bird seed at them. It made for great photos and it was so funny. I am sure they are still finding bird seeds in places they never thought possible. Another favorite moment of ours was Matthew’s “I’m too sexy for this shirt” dance. We had smiles on our faces all day long. They even wanted to take a photo with us at the end of the day, which was nice. Congratulations Samantha and Matthew, have a great honeymoon and we will see you when you get back. Let us know what you think of the photos by leaving a comment below.



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