Senior Styled Shoot

We are so excited to share this blog post! Since we hadn’t had the chance to photograph in a studio for years we wanted to do a styled shoot with some senior girls to show off what we can do since we are now offering indoor sessions with high school seniors.

Maria was a senior we photographed last year and we thought she would be a great person to ask to help us out because not only is she photogenic, but she has a great personality and had a ton of fun during her session. She brought along two of her best friends, Toni and Liz. These girls are absolutely gorgeous and so easy to photograph and work with. They made our job easy! After we finished up their individual photos in the studio we headed downtown to get some photos of all 3 of them together. Their black dressy outfits worked perfectly together!

We had Jen from Sin Pretty Beauty there to do hair and make up. Senior girls; we highly recommend contacting Jen to have her do your hair and make up for your photos. Her amazing skills will not only help you to look your best, but that will also make you feel more confident while taking your senior photos. We’ve used her services many times and I even used her to do my hair and make up for my own engagement and wedding photos! Give her a call at: 330-501-9281 or email her at:

Thanks again to Jen, Maria, Toni, and Liz!

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