Ashley & Shawn

We loved everything about Ashley and Shawn’s wedding day! The people, the location, the colors, the decorations, and the terrific timeline, which allowed plenty of time for photos so neither them or us felt rushed. They had an all in one location event, which took place at The Lodge in Geneva, Ohio. The setting for their day was absolutely beautiful. We’re so thankful the rain held off until their ceremony and photos were finished. Congratulations again Ashley and Shawn! We hope you love your photos as much as we do.a+shawn01 a+shawn03 a+shawn04 a+shawn05 a+shawn07 a+shawn08 a+shawn09 a+shawn10 a+shawn11 a+shawn12 a+shawn13 a+shawn14 a+shawn15 a+shawn16 a+shawn17 a+shawn18 a+shawn19 a+shawn20 a+shawn21 a+shawn22 a+shawn23 a+shawn24 a+shawn25 a+shawn26 a+shawn27 a+shawn28 a+shawn29 a+shawn30 a+shawn31 a+shawn32 a+shawn33 a+shawn34 a+shawn35 a+shawn36 a+shawn37 a+shawn38 a+shawn39 a+shawn40 a+shawn41 a+shawn42 a+shawn43 a+shawn44 a+shawn45 a+shawn46 a+shawn47 a+shawn48 a+shawn49 a+shawn50 a+shawn51 a+shawn52 a+shawn53 a+shawn54 a+shawn55 a+shawn56 a+shawn57 a+shawn58 a+shawn59 a+shawn60



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