Kristen & Michael

Kristen and Michael’s wedding was so gorgeous! They were married at St. Columba in Youngstown and the reception took place at Mr. Anthony’s in Boardman. They were both so happy and smiley all day, which made our job easy!  The reception was decorated so beautifully and we loved that Kristen and Michael and their bridal party did The Harlem Shake after their introductions! Congratulations again Kristen & Michael! We hope you love your wedding photos as much as we do.k+m01 k+m02 k+m03 k+m04 k+m05 k+m06 k+m07 k+m08 k+m09 k+m10 k+m11 k+m12 k+m13 k+m14 k+m15 k+m16 k+m17 k+m18 k+m19 k+m20 k+m21 k+m22 k+m23 k+m24 k+m25 k+m26 k+m27 k+m28 k+m29 k+m30 k+m31 k+m32 k+m33 k+m34 k+m35 k+m36 k+m37 k+m38 k+m39 k+m40 k+m41 k+m42 k+m43 k+m44 k+m45 k+m46 k+m47 k+m48 k+m49 k+m50 k+m51 k+m52 k+m53 k+m54 k+m55 k+m56 k+m57 k+m58 k+m59 k+m60 k+m61 k+m62 k+m63 k+m64 k+m65 k+m66 k+m67 k+m68 k+m69 k+m70



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