Kristin & Jacob

Kristin and Jacob are a fantastic couple. We photographed their wedding day, which took place at The Lake Club in Poland. It was the first time we photographed an outdoor ceremony there and it was gorgeous!

One of our favorite moments of the day was their first look. Seeing Jacob’s face light up when he saw Kristin for the first time actually had me tearing up a little bit. After the first look we headed downtown for photos of the bridal party and the two of them and then headed over the The Lake Club for the ceremony and reception.

We loved all of their details and especially loved Kristin’s handmade dress! It’s nice when people add details to their wedding to make it a little more personal. It’s always interesting too to learn what we have in common with our clients. Their first dance song was a Band of Horses song, which is a band that Josh and I really like, so we got super excited when we heard that.

Congratulations again Kristin & Jacob. We wish you all the best!

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