Our Vegas Wedding

Since we are heading back to Vegas soon for a photography seminar and since we’re about two months shy of our one year anniversary we thought we would share a blog with some of our favorite photos from our wedding day.

All photos are by the talented Melissa Munding: http://melissa-munding.com/ Thank you Melissa for all of the amazing photos.

We started off with getting ready and a first look at the MGM, which was the hotel we stayed at. Josh and I had been together for almost ten years at the time and every time people would ask before the wedding if either of us if we were nervous neither of us were. That was until the day of when it got closer to the time for our first look. I couldn’t sit still and when my friend Renee went to check on Josh and told me that he was pacing, so I knew that meant he was nervous too because that’s something he always done when he’s thinking or nervous. The first look was probably one of my favorite moments from the day. I started crying as soon as I saw him. I always love hearing Josh’s description of our first look. He told me he felt like he was waiting there forever and he started to feel light headed and his knees got weak. He said he heard me laugh and knew I was coming. It was such a beautiful moment and I tear up every time I look back at those photos.

We got married at a gorgeous place off of the strip called The Grove. We didn’t want a typical Vegas chapel wedding, so this worked perfectly for us.

After our ceremony we headed to The Neon Museum for photos of us and the bridal party. It was an awesome location for photos. After that we broke off from our bridal party and headed to a ghost town in Nelson, which was about an hour away, but so worth the drive!

After our photos just Josh and I went to dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. It was perfect because we sat with a view of the Bellagio fountains and watched them go off several times during dinner. After dinner we headed out and celebrated with our bridal party all night. Our friends Bill and Renee had a super early flight the next day, but we’re so thankful they stayed up to celebrate with us. Our friends Shawn and Allison were able to get us into The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay, which was amazing and made for a night we will never forget. It sits at the very top of Mandalay Bay and looks over the entire Vegas strip. Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without the support of our friends, so we just wanted to thank them again for coming with us.

We are so thankful that after being together for so long that we are finally married!

Keep an eye out for our blog post about our wedding reception. We’ll be blogging that in a few weeks.1 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-45Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-99Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-108 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-129 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-145 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-175Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-176 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-182 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-174Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-206 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-217Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-222Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-276 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-307Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-328Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-331 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-335Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-342Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-360 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-417Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-444Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-458 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-459Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-467 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-503 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-525 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-527 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-532 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-557 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-564Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-571Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-585 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-587 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-636 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-643 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-677 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-693 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-709 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-713 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-723 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-730 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-733 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-737 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-740 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-756 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-759 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-766 Josh & Jessica Trolio Wedding-775



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