Stacey & Alec Engagement

We love when we are able to get guys excited about getting their photo taken. When we met Stacey and Alec at their initial consultation Alec wasn’t too sold on having to do engagement photos. Once we explained why we love doing them and also told him that we would have no problem with coming to Pittsburgh to do them he quickly changed his mind. We try to not pay too much attention to the weather anymore because they say one thing and it always ends up doing another. So when it said it was supposed to be raining earlier in the day and then clear up later we weren’t worried. However, once we started driving into the city it started pouring. Luckily for us it all worked out in our favor and  the rain slowed down enough to where we could work with it. We had the chance to play with our lighting and illuminate the rain and we got so many photos that we are so proud of. Stacey and Alec were so nice and easy to talk to too, which also made the session so much fun. We can’t wait for their wedding next June!



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