Stacey & Alec

Talk about a gorgeous wedding! We loved Stacey and Alec’s wedding day so much. Both them and their families were incredibly accommodating and friendly all day. This was one of the first weddings at a golf club where we were actually allowed to go on the green! They arranged for all of the bridal party and us to have our own golf cart’s to get around quicker, which was so fun! Congratulations again Stacey & Alec! We hope you enjoy your photos as much as we do. s+a01 s+a02 s+a03 s+a05 s+a06 s+a07 s+a08 s+a09 s+a10 s+a11 s+a12 s+a13 s+a14 s+a15 s+a16 s+a17 s+a18 s+a19 s+a20 s+a21 s+a22 s+a23 s+a24 s+a25 s+a26 s+a27 s+a28 s+a29 s+a30 s+a31 s+a32 s+a33 s+a34 s+a35 s+a36 s+a37 s+a38 s+a39 s+a40 s+a41 s+a42 s+a43 s+a44 s+a45 s+a46 s+a47 s+a48 s+a49 s+a51 s+a52 s+a53 s+a54 s+a55 s+a56 s+a57 s+a58 s+a59 s+a60 s+a61 s+a62 s+a63



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