Toni & Trina Wedding

Toni is a distant relative to Josh. We were beyond excited when she asked Josh and I to photograph her wedding. Toni and Trina got married years ago, but it was a very rushed ceremony in a courthouse with hundreds of other couples, so they wanted to do something more personal to include their family and friends. Since New York passed a law allowing same sex couples to get married they decided to have their ceremony there and then had a reception a week later in their hometown in Ohio to celebrate.

Toni and Trina got ready at Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast and had their ceremony at Quincy Cellars, which was a gorgeous winery.

We felt so honored to be able to witness this wedding. Josh and I most definitely support all marriages. We had been together for almost ten years before finally getting married due to financial reasons, but we couldn’t imagine not being able to get married because of laws that wouldn’t allow us to. Love is love and that is all that matters.

Congratulations again Toni and Trina!

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